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8:20Chase McFlyYo

8:21SaveLabRatsLets start

8:21Chase McFlyLeo: Halt

Who goes there

Oh sorry

Wrong part

Oliver: How teh heck will we get our memories back?

8:22SaveLabRatsChase: If we shut the neuroimperium at its source, we will get them back

8:22Chase McFlyOlive: great plan chase

But Leo tossed that neuroimperium far away

Hey I still have my talent'

Unfortunately it is limited

8:23SaveLabRats(but olive was supposed to lose her talwent and become bionic)

8:23Chase McFlyWho has a GPS

e must track down the tower

(Oh sorry)

Let's fix that

8:24SaveLabRatsChase: I'll scan for it

8:24Chase McFly(say Skylar sia dit)

(Just not the part about the talent)


8:24Chase McFlyChyna: I hope we can find it

8:25SaveLabRatsChase: It's right by Z-Tech

8:25Chase McFlyKaz: Let's go!

Fletcher: Is there a fast way?

8:26SaveLabRats(does bree still have bionics activated?)

8:26Chase McFly


Skylar: I'll create a space portal

8:26Chase McFlyOliver: good idea Sky

But wait...



8:29Chase McFly(Skylar opens the portal)

Olive: ladies first


8:30Chase McFlyK


8:33Chase McFlyHey

(They go in)


8:34Chase McFly(They arrive at Z-tech)

8:34SaveLabRatsChase: Z-Tech's over there, let's go

8:34Chase McFlyFletcher: This place loosk differnegt


There is a huge tower on top

8:35SaveLabRatsZoltan: Halt who goes there

8:35Chase McFlyChyna: Zoltan it's us

*Mr. Grundy?

8:35SaveLabRatsZoltan: You must be the Elite Force. Prepare to die

8:36Chase McFlyOlive: But we're your friends

I'm your berst student


Oliver: Um

8:37SaveLabRatsOlive: In the name of Lexi and Rome, your my enemies

8:37Chase McFlyWhy does it say Horrotech on the building?

Kaz: That's not true

8:38SaveLabRats(Oh no! I meant for zoltan to say that about Lexi and Rome, not Olive, my bad)

8:39Chase McFly(It's okay)


8:40Chase McFlyKaz: Mr. Grundy, Rome is dead

Where is the tower?

8:41SaveLabRatsMr. Grundy: your not getting anywhere near it

8:41Chase McFlyKaz (forming fire) And why not?

Bree: Chase, mind if I see your bionic chip for a second?

8:42SaveLabRatsChase: Sure

8:43Chase McFlyBree: Thanks

(Bree takes Chase's ship and then her phone. She pus teh chip into a slot on her phone)

(She then goes to a chip alter app)

(She makes several improvemnets0

(she gies it back to Chase)

Bree: Chase, here, i fixed it, now

You are rather poerful

And have new abilities

I also messed around with your commando app

Zoltan: What's ahppening?

8:46SaveLabRats(how did the chip fit in the lightning connector?

8:47Chase McFly(What's a lightning connector)

(Bree's phone has a special chip slot)

(That can create a superapp on her phone)

8:48SaveLabRatsbut its an iphone

8:48Chase McFlyShe modified it

Davenport helped


sounds great

which model should it be?

8:48Chase McFly(Let's keep doing the RP)

Not sure

8:49SaveLabRatsmaybe she upgraded to iPhone SE after TBC episode. Your right lets continue

u there?

8:50Chase McFly(Ok)


Chase: Arrrgghh Spike's bacl

Scared Grundy? You should be

8:53Chase McFlyMr. GrundyL: Why?

8:53SaveLabRatsChase: Arrrghh!

8:53Chase McFlyGrundy walks away...

Then a teenage boy shows up

Boy: You fools

This is the Horrorland now

Thanks to Lexi

All hail Lexi

8:54SaveLabRatsChase: Settle down, punk!

8:55Chase McFlyWhose goona make me?

8:55SaveLabRatsi could take out the greatest Roman general


8:57Chase McFly(the boy falls)

8:58SaveLabRatsBree: Let's go deactivate the tower

8:58Chase McFlyOliver: I can punch through the celing with my strenght

8:59SaveLabRatsSkylar: Great idea

9:00Chase McFlyOliver flies an dpunches

The neuro imperium tower is visible

Oliver climbs iinto it

Oliver: Don't worry guys Ill be okay

9:01SaveLabRatsSkylar: Be safe out there

9:01Chase McFlyJust going to hit this switch

I will be safe

I just caughta whiff of the neuroimperium..lexi..nooo!'

(Oliver hits the swutch)

Everyoen in Z-Tech reverts to normal

9:02SaveLabRatsSkylar: Oliver, great job!

9:03Chase McFlyOliver backs down

Oliver: Thanks

Uh oh

Look at teh tower!

The tower begins shooting a huge green energy

The energy sucks up people

Who have not ben controlled yet by Lexi

9:04SaveLabRatsBree: I'll blast it

(bree blasts the tower)

9:04Chase McFlyChase: Hurry Bree!

(People begin to fall into Z-tech)

The people bring a lot of green ergy

Z-tech explodes

But the tower is gone

And the team is safe

9:06SaveLabRats(so only apple is left)

9:06Chase McFly(Yeah)


maybe the ef can work on their own instead of for companies

9:07Chase McFlyYeah


9:07Chase McFlyOliver: Are there dead people here?

9:09SaveLabRatsBree: Alot of them

9:09Chase McFlyFletcher: This is kinda gross

9:09SaveLabRats(did bree just kill everyone?)

9:10Chase McFly(Let's hope not)

(I'm not sure hwat happened with Z-tech being destroyed)

9:10SaveLabRatscan we take that part out?

9:12Chase McFly

(I wnat to keep it)

(There was hardly nayone in Z-tech after all)


so no one died, right?

9:14Chase McFly(No, that young man who was controlled by Lexi)

(there may have been like 5 other casualities)

9:14SaveLabRatsso only him


9:14Chase McFly(But most of the kids at z-tech were on a field trip

9Also Zoltan is badly wounded)

9:15SaveLabRatswho were the other casualites?

9:15Chase McFlyNot sure

9:15SaveLabRatsim concerened

lets just continue

9:17Chase McFly(Ok)\

Chase: Wow

That was scary

Let's hope nobody died

Where do we go now

9:18SaveLabRatsBree: We have to work on our own

9:18Chase McFlyOliver: That must be for the best

9:19SaveLabRats(should the episode end now?)

9:19Chase McFly(Sure)

(Oh and PS)

(That was Headquarters of Horror)

We finished SE last time

(New episode)

9:20SaveLabRatscan we do it tommorow maybe?

9:20Chase McFlyWhy?

9:20SaveLabRatsi have to go to bed

9:21Chase McFlyOkay bye



9:21Chase McFlyIt's ok