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Bree: Well we saved the world But there's a lot of casualties

I guess good things always involve sacrifice

Let's go back to Centium City 1:08 Chase McFly

Oliver: Good idea, Mr. Grundy is dead 1:09

Bree: I'm going to give the ownership of Google and Youtube to Apple Inc.

At the same time, were gonna rebuild Mission Command

Skylar: Let's hope nothing drastic has happened to Davenport Tower

(she sees a barbed wire fence and caution tape)

Skylar: Um... I'll just space-portal us in

(They open a space portal and arrive)

Oliver: oh man Red masking tape everywhere A comdemmed sign No furniture This used to be our home guys

Kaz: My popcorn is still on the couch!

(Kaz goes to the couch and it falls)

Kaz: I'd think the one remaining piece Of furniture Would be stable

Chase: Everything is falling apart Let's get in the hyperlift

(they get in)

Oliver: Those loud crashes our woprrying me

(the hyper lift lands)

Bree: Wow It's so wrecked

Olive: I don't have my talent

When we lost our memories I lost my talent

Chase: Bree we have to fix mission command fast

1:20 Chase McFly Bree: Hmm... For starters Let's get a brand-new command table

And then move that goop cupboard to Kaz's room And decorate it with flowers and paint it pink

I'm kidding about that last part

Olive: Chase Can I be bionic I have no talent anymore

1:24 SaveLabRats Chase: I'm gonna make you one, don't worry

:24 Chase McFly Olive: Awesome

Bree: I'm gonna make the business deal (Bree leaves

Chase McFly Chase: So the place is wrecked We can completly remake it good as new!

1:36 SaveLabRats Olive: Thats a great idea 1:37 Chase McFly

Oliver: How about we install a swimming pool?

1:37 SaveLabRats Chase: we can do all that, butfirst we need to rebuild mission command 1:38 Chase McFly

Olive: I have an idea Chase, how about you give me bionics now while the others go shopping' 1:39 SaveLabRats

Chase: I'd love to, I cant see you suffer anymore

Olive: Awesome

Kaz: Good luck

Bree: Excuse me Mr. Cook, but I have bad news

Mr. Cook: What is it?

Bree: There was an explosion at Z-Tech, and now Zoltan Grundy is dead, as well as the company

1:45 Chase McFly Oh no What about his divisions? What's happening to them?

Bree: We want apple to buy them. It's now the only major tech company left

Mr. Cook: Alright, we'll do that

Bree: Well guys, we saved the world, but made many sacrifices